High-Tech Chanukah: Singing 3D Printer

Junior Zach Sherman has found an interesting use for one of Gann's 3D printers, and, surprisingly, it doesn't involve printing. What does it involve? Chanukah music!

Zach spends much of his free time working with Gann's tech tools. "A few months ago, I found a video online of someone playing the Imperial March on their 3D printer" said Zachary. "After some research and tweaking, I was able to convert my own audio files into machine code for the printer."

By fiddling with the printer's motor speed, he's turned what is normally random squeaks, squeals and groans into festive holiday music. "It may not sound like an orchestra, but it's still pretty cool for a machine designed to do something totally different!"

Watch the video below to hear the 3D printer perform Ma'oz Tzur (aka Rock of Ages), a traditional Chanukah tune.

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