"Hanukkah goes high-tech at Gann Academy," reports the Globe.

Gann was recently profiled for the exciting, and innovative, ways students are celebrating Chanukah this year.

Excerpt from December 10th edition of The Boston Globe:
Hanukkah goes high-tech at Gann Academy, the Jewish high school in Waltham. “I’ve inherited a whole lot of kids who are gung-ho on making things happen,” including making “a 3-D printer do things it wasn’t meant to do,” said Seth Battis, chairman of the newly created Computing Design & Fabrication Department.

Junior Zach Sherman, 17, of Lexington, fiddled with the speed and braking of the tiny motors that operate the printheads to transform the normal cacophony of squeaks, squeals, and groans into the Hanukkah song “Rock of Ages.”

Sophomore Nathan Lesser of Newton assigned the printer a more practical task: producing a Hanukkah menorah. Because it was so large, he produced one palm-sized plastic candle-holder at a time, assembling them afterward. While taking three hours per holder, the project has advanced Lesser’s career plans. “I’m 15 and already know how to design 3-D parts and get things printed,” he said.

Other students are programming a laser cutter machine to light the lead Hanukkah candle — without burning it in half first.

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