Exploring Art and Identity Through Sculpture

Junior Laura Bogorad never noticed how big her eyes are, nor had she studied the contours of her face before Landa Ruen's sculpture and 3D design class.

Now, thanks to weeks of sketching and translating the line drawings into a 3D wire sculpture, she knows her features like never before. "The work goes beyond just visual representation," says Laura. "As part of the project, we were asked to think about how we are seen by ourselves and others."
Ms. Ruen asked students to identify three objects that represent who they are and to dangle them from their sculptures (Students constructed two of them from wire and paper and brought in the third from home.) Laura, an equestrienne, nature lover, and aspiring veterinarian, chose a horse, a tree and the symbol for veterinarian medicine. Other students represented themselves through Jewish stars, a rubber ducky, a football, a Rubik’s cube and a musical note.
"I learned a lot about drawing technique and how to work with wire,” says Laura. “I also learned a lot about myself."
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