Students Convince Gann to Say “No” to Fossil Fuels

January 30, 2017
A group of student leaders — from Student Council and Environmental Club— had an idea. What if they could convince the school to sever its dependence on fossil fuels and switch to a greener alternative?
So they spent months researching the options and soliciting proposals from vendors. Armed with information and passion, they convinced Gann’s chief operating officer to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.  And just in time: she was on the verge of extending the school’s contract with its traditional energy provider.

Next January 2018, Gann will be powered completely by wind energy.
One of the leaders, Student Council President Stav Bejerano, says that at Gann, the student voice is taken very seriously: “Gann empowers us to make a difference in the community in really serious ways. This change had financial implications and I don’t think that students at most schools would be allowed to effect this kind of a change,” explains Bejerano.  “And we’re thrilled to be taking a stance against fossil fuels.” Bejerano added that the students’ next goal is have solar panels installed.
By going green, Gann joins a very exclusive club: only 4% of U.S. schools are powered by renewable energy.

Editor’s note: this story was adapted from an article written by Jacob Foster that ran in Gann’s weekly student newspaper, Shevuon Hatichon.
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