Lots of Good News from Colleges

January 30, 2017
Barnard said “yes.” So did Boston University, Brandeis, Brown, Clark and Dartmouth. And that’s just colleges that start with the first four letters of the alphabet.
Most of the early admission decisions are in and seniors are celebrating once again. Yes, Gann students have been accepted at very prestigious colleges, but for Co-Director of College Counseling Dave Tabachnik, the most important measure of success is that students land at a school that’s right for them.
“We spend a lot of time thinking about what’s best for each student, and you’ll rarely see us poring over ranking data,” says Tabachnik. “Our goal is to understand our kids’ interests, needs and hopes and then match those up with colleges where they will be the happiest and most successful.” That recipe works, says senior Asher Dale.  “The college counseling office at Gann helped show me that the college process is not about stress and anxiety, but rather a time for exploration and growth.”
So far this year, Gann students have been accepted early at a wide range of schools— from larger urban universities to small liberal arts colleges. In all, seniors have been admitted to colleges in 20 states plus Washington, DC and Canada. And if the past is prologue, a good portion will receive generous financial packages: in recent years, some Gann students have received financial aid from colleges accounting for up to half their tuition.
The bottom line is that Gann students are highly desirable candidates. “Gann is well known to many colleges,” says Tabachnik. “They know our kids are interesting, self-reflective, engaged with the world and that they study hard and manage their time well. And to top it off, they are sophisticated, critical and analytical thinkers.”
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