Reunion 2016 Highlights: Joining the Network

January 6, 2017
On Saturday November 26th, the Copley Marriott was filled with the unmistakable energy of Gann alumni; old friends were reconnecting, and new friendships were in the making. Gann Academy was holding its Annual Alumni Reunion, it was the first time that the classes of 2011, 2006, 2001, and 2000 came together at one event.
The night kicked off with alumni celebrating their milestone reunions, including class groups from 5, 10, and 15 years out. Later in the evening, all alumni joined in, with attendees ranging from recent Gann grads to alumni from the original school, the New Jewish High School of Greater Boston (a/k/a New Jew). In the general hum of conversation, alumni talked about everything from first kids to first jobs. But most of all, the reunion was about catching up and having fun. Some alumni looked at giant photo boards and laughed about how they appeared in high school.

“It was an incredible opportunity for alumni to network in person with members of different classes and generations. We had such an amazing time, the spirit of our school was palpable,” said Anya Manning ’03, Gann Alumni Co-Chair.

Attendees noted that Gann’s annual reunion is only one way that alumni connect.  Gann alumni often mentor one another, sometimes even finding former Gann students to advise them when they are learning the ropes at college.  Some are making professional connections like entrepreneur Zach Schwartz, ’12, founder of First Bench Ventures, a real estate investment and management company, who says, “I find that networking among Gann alums is invaluable to making new business connections.” Still others are finding that the supportive community they experienced as a Gann student is alive and well in the alumni network.  “I love how my sense of community with Gann continues as an alum,” said Talia Rubin, ’14.

With enthusiastic leadership from a group of committed alumni, Gann will be launching a state-of-the-art online alumni network early in 2017. This technology uses existing social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to open doors to social and professional opportunities.  Possibilities range from receiving career advice or job references to chatting with long lost friends.   More opportunities for alumni connections are also in the works, including bringing alumni back to Gann to speak to current students, out-of-town alumni get-togethers, and other initiatives that will support the burgeoning alumni community.

Gann’s first Alumni Relations and Campaign Associate, Joanna Feldman, said, “I’m excited to meet alumni, and I’m happy to talk and hear alumni stories at any time.” Joanna hopes to meet every Gann alumni and encourages all alumni and parents to get in touch.

Wherever their interests and travels take them, alumni will always have the Gann network. Gann Academy is committed to helping alumni stay connected and developing caring relationships through all stages of life, both personally and professionally. If you’d like to get involved with Gann alumni activities or help test drive the online network, click here to contact Joanna Feldman.

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