Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker, TEDxWalthamED organizer Sharona Goder-Peled and Director of Teaching and Learning Jacob Pinnolis

TEDx Comes to Gann in April

February 28, 2017
TEDx Talks, those short, powerful lectures, have become a global phenomenon. Now, a department head is bringing one of these prestigious events to Gann.  On Sunday, April 2, the school will host an official TEDx event—a daylong series of talks that focus on addressing students’ learning and socio-emotional needs in an interconnected way.

“There are several of these talks that profoundly changed the way I look at things, so I was inspired to bring TEDx to Gann,” says Sharona Goder-Peled, who is organizing TEDxWalthamED with the help of several other faculty members. “We are bringing together people who are cutting edge in their fields to share their work and ideas about education."

Gann is constantly innovating pedagogically and searches for best teaching practices around the world, according to Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker. “We prepare students not just to succeed academically but also to be citizens of the world, what I think of as global change-makers,” says Rabbi Baker. “This conference puts Gann front and center in that community of teaching innovators.”

Organizing a TEDx event is a great example of how Gann faculty and staff are encouraged to develop their own intellectual interests. “We were impressed with Sharona’s initiative in focusing on new ways to best serve students,” says Rabbi Baker. “TEDxWalthamED also delivers to our kids the important message that all of us—teachers included—are life-long learners.”

Here’s a partial list of TEDxWalthamED speakers and their topics:
Joelle Renstrom, Boston University: Using science fiction as a way to provoke students to talk about pressing issues and brainstorm ways to change the future
Jamie Byron, Co-Founder of Grove, a startup that sells “intelligent,” indoor vegetable gardens: Integrating nature-based learning into the curriculum
Jennifer Greif Green and Melissa Holt, Boston University: The need for more nuanced interventions for bullying
Katherine Boger, McLean Hospital: The treatment of pediatric anxiety Christopher Robichaud, Harvard’s Kennedy School: Using simulations—inspired by role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons—to teach students how to lead, negotiate and confront ethical dilemmas

For more information about the event, visit: http://www.tedxwalthamed.org
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