Gann Hosts Israeli Leaders through the Wexner Foundation

March 20, 2017
Gann recently hosted Israeli leaders from all areas of public service in Israel including 14 ministries. This exchange was sponsored by the Wexner Foundation, whose programs supports 40 senior Israeli leaders visiting Harvard's Kennedy School. Here's what they had to say about Gann:

The program opened a window to the Jewish community's real life in Boston. For me, who grew up in a secular family and leads a totally secular life, this was a unique lesson about tolerance, modesty and humility. We watched the Gann Academy educate its high school students in a pluralistic and equal way, enabling a variety of beliefs to exist under one roof. They emphasize their similarity yet accept the diversity, allowing each student to define his or her own personal Judaism as part of their essence as a human being….I learned a whole new meaning to the word "acceptance."
Orit Cotev, Deputy to the State Attorney (Civil Affairs) of Israel

All a child needs is one adult who believes in him/her." These words were uttered by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach years before the Boston Jewish community built the Gann Academy. In that high school, however, those words are a way of life. At the entrance to the school you already feel the atmosphere of warmth. There is a feeling that the place embraces its students and allows them to express themselves, their Jewish identity and their unique individual identity. Everyone has a place in the school, no matter whether they belong to any religious stream or if they are secular. I felt that their studying is done with love and creates a positive and constructive dialogue around ideas and Jewish identity. This is definitely a place where every mother would be happy to send her children.
Yarona Shalom, Director of the Medical Committees Department and Acting Director of the Work Injury Department in the National Insurance Institute of Israel.

You can read further reflections in Wexner’s blog about "What Surprises Israeli Leaders Most in their Encounters with American Jews" . 
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