Shalom and Welcome to Gann Academy

When you walk through the halls of Gann or explore the pages of this website, you will find it hard to believe that our school just turned 20 years old. The same kind of bold, innovative thinking that inspired our founders to create this new, international model of Jewish high school education continues to animate this dynamic community today.

High school is an incredible time in the life of a young adult. These four years are about developing skills and gaining knowledge, yes, but they are also a time for growth, exploration, and for discovering who you are.

What I love about Gann is that from the moments our students arrive in the morning until they complete their classes, sports, arts and extracurricular activities, sometimes late in the evening, they fill our campus with open and spirited debate, passionate engagement with ideas, and deep analytical thinking – all taking place on the foundation of a caring, compassionate, and joyful community.

Gann’s outstanding faculty sharpens our students’ intellects, challenging them to become both analytical as well as creative, out-of-the-box thinkers. Whether reading literature, conducting a science experiment, or deconstructing a Talmudic argument, Gann students learn that academic excellence requires the ability and the courage to ask interesting and essential questions, and the drive and the skills to explore various possible answers.

A Gann education also inspires our students to think deeply about what matters to them as people. What do you value and what do you care most about? Where do you come from, what communities are you part of, and for what future do you feel responsible? The power of being in a diverse Jewish community during these formative years is that our students learn to find meaning, inspiration, and purpose in their Jewish heritage as they navigate their human journey.

The result is that our students develop into intellectually confident, ethically responsible, passionately engaged citizens and leaders, creators of the future and repairers of the world.
I invite and encourage you to explore this website to learn more about a Gann education.

With blessings,

Rabbi Marc Baker
Head of School

Rabbi Baker's Weekly Message

List of 5 news stories.

  • This Do I Seek

    Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker
    8 September 2017
    17 Elul 5777 

    As part of our August professional in-service week of preparation and learning in anticipation of the new school year and our students’ return, I asked three veteran teachers to share personal reflections on why they teach and why they teach at Gann. 

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  • Gann students return to school.

    Look Up

    Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker
    1 September 2017
    10 Elul 5777

    Shalom Chaverim, 

    After a summer of preparation and a week of professional in-service sessions with Gann’s faculty and staff, our students returned to school this week, and 333 Forest Street came to life! 
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  • Wilderness of Exploration

    Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker
    May 26, 2017
    Gann Academy has been pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning for the past 20 years. From self-facilitated student seminars to all-school ethics labs, from project-based learning to the “flipped” or “blended” classroom, one of the constants of great education is that students do the intellectual heavy lifting and are creators, not merely consumers, of information. One of the most significant innovative pedagogies and examples of what many today call “21st Century Learning” is our “experiential education” in which the “four walls” of our Forest Street campus open up, and the world becomes our students’ classroom.
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  • Embracing Our Diversity

    Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker
    May 19, 2017
    On several occasions this week I heard powerful stories that brought to light the richness of the diversity of our community and the depth of the humanity of the individuals who make it up.
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  • Boston-Haifa Partnership

    Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker
    May 12, 2017
    I just returned from spending this week in Haifa with our 66 Gann sophomores. After 20 years of Gann’s partnership with the Ironi Hey High School in Haifa, we took our partnership to a new level this week. For years they have visited us in Boston, and some of our students have spent a few days in Haifa. However, inspired by CJP’s Boston-Haifa Partnership, we have been reimagining our relationship in the context of a broader vision of Israel education, 21st Century Jewish education, and the future relationship between our two communities, Boston and Haifa, and, more broadly, between North America and Israel.
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