Hands On. Minds On.

How do you learn best?

From the educator’s point of view, the brain is a paradox. If the brain let everything in, we’d be overwhelmed with details. How can we ensure that our students learn deeply?
Research tells us that when a subject engages us emotionally, when we enjoy learning, when we learn by rolling up our sleeves, learn with more of our senses, or learn with others, we remember more and understand what we learn better.

At Gann, classroom assignments are often project-based. Gann students make short films, debate history, give presentations and design experiments. They write papers and ghost stories, enjoy field trips, undertake research and explore the night sky through telescopes. 

Gann’s program includes many experiential elements, along with a few life-changing adventures unique to Gann. The best learning is multidimensional—it engages our thoughts, our imaginations, our feelings—even our physical selves. 

That doesn't mean we won’t ask you to memorize verb forms or complete a difficult problem set, but it does mean you’ll be challenged to go beyond the basics towards real mastery and competence.

Exploration Week

One way Gann students learn outside of the classroom is Exploration Week, a week dedicated to seeking out new cultures, new adventures and, in some cases, visiting different parts of the country. Students challenge themselves in new ways by participating in intensive community service projects, developing firsthand skills and knowledge, or simply taking a chance to try something out of their comfort zone.

Senior Capstone Project

In addition to Exploration Week, seniors at Gann participate in a capstone experience known as Ma’avar. Ma’avar offers graduating students a framework to transition from high school to their early adult lives and allows them the freedom to spend time engaging in directed study projects or exploring their fields of professional interest through participation in guided internships. Previous projects include interning at Akamai Technologies, Boston Children's Hospital, and the New England Aquarium, learning how to play guitar, building a quad copter and go kart, and writing a novella, just to name a few.

israel term

Gann students have the choice to spend three months in Israel in an intensive travel and learning program that exposes them to historical, biblical, and modern Israel through first-hand experiences and classroom study. Learm more here.
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