Who Will You Become?

Whether a graduate walks across the stage with plans of heading right to college, or participating in a gap-year program first, alumni leave Gann ready to take on the academic, social, and career adventures that lie ahead.

Typically, 100 percent of Gann graduates attend four-year colleges and universities. In recent years, ten to twenty percent of Gann students have gone on to attend Ivy League colleges, another ten to twenty percent have attended large public universities, and the remainder attend a wide variety of colleges and universities around the country—focused on liberal arts, the sciences and engineering, business and more. Gann students’ college acceptances demonstrate how well-prepared they are academically, as well as the ability of Gann alumni to contribute positively to their campus communities

College Counseling
Searching for a college that suits a student's needs should be an adventure. Like any good adventure, this search will involve a variety of learning experiences, some challenges, a few laughs – and Gann prepares and empowers our students to lead the way! Finding a suitable place requires self-discovery, open mindedness, and patience, and our college counselors provide the guidance, space, and perspective that best-supports all students in reflecting on their talents, passions, and goals. Our students make thoughtful decisions about what kind of university environments will serve them well.

Acceptances and Matriculations
Gann alumni have chosen to attend over 150 different colleges in the United States, Israel, England, and Canada. Our students enroll in schools that are near and far, large and small, public and private, urban, suburban, and rural; their choices include colleges with a range of academic concentrations and strengths.

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College Application Process
Our formal college counseling program begins in the winter of junior year – ensuring that the college application process doesn’t “take over” high school, while giving plenty of time for students to investigate and apply to schools. The college counselors also work closely with advisors of freshmen and sophomores to be sure that students make appropriate choices about courses and extra-curricular involvement to be prepared to begin the application process.

After a "kick off" meeting for 11th-graders and their parents, our counselors meet individually with students and their parents, help develop appropriate college lists, host group meetings and speakers, recommend standardized testing plans, offer essay-writing assistance, and provide financial aid information. They provide extensive support throughout the application, acceptance and decision-making phases of the senior year, working directly with each student and advocating for all students.

College Visits
Gann welcomes college admissions officers and gap-year program recruiters to visit each fall, to connect with our seniors and counselors, share information, and learn about our community. Click here to see the list of institutions that have visited Gann in recent years.

Gap Years and Service Programs
Each year, some seniors choose to spend a year gaining skills, volunteering, or traveling before attending college. Some of our students spend time in Israel, studying Jewish texts, doing community service, or exploring; others participate in service programs or other educational opportunities in the United States or abroad. Gann’s College Counseling office, in conjunction with our Jewish Studies department, helps students explore appropriate options.

Meet the College Counseling Team

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    Co-Director of College Counseling
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