Be Prepared for College and Beyond

Gann’s rich academic program and focus on character development result in alumni who engage deeply on college campuses. Our alumni attend Ivy League universities, liberal arts colleges, and large research universities. They study abroad, lead campus organizations, and conduct original research. Our college counseling department works to ensure an excellent college match for each Gann student.
Through college and beyond, the Gann Alumni Network (GAN) exists to connect alumni to one another, professionally and personally. Our graduates include computer programmers, artists, lawyers, teachers, rabbis, and physicians – both around the country and the world. When you join the Gann community, you become part of a network of intellectually confident, passionately engaged, and ethically responsible individuals who believe in using their unique talents and voices to create a better world.  
"I entered college with a firm understanding of who I am and confident in my ability to articulate my thoughts and convictions, while equally excited to explore perspectives different from my own. Gann taught me to always look for opportunities learn, to be challenged, and to grow. I could not ask for a greater gift than the privilege of attending Gann, a place where every voice matters and opportunities for learning and engagement never crease." 

Madeline Cooper, '12, Alumni Committee Member | Dartmouth College, '16
"We learned to listen to each other and respect differing points of view. We learned that challenging encounters are opportunities for growth. We learned tolerance. The experience has had a profound influence on my life -- from college, to medical school, to my work in emergency medicine."

Doron Korinow MD, '00 | Tel Aviv University | University of Massachusetts Medical Center | 
Now: Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician at Anna Jaques Hospital and Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
"My years at Gann are some of my fondest. There are quite a few people who impacted my life in positive and dramatic ways, from coaches to teachers of all disciplines. What I remember most fondly about Gann was every faculty member’s personal investment in his or her students. The genuine interest of teachers in a student’s success is hard to find."

Margalit Bayone, '06 | Boston University, '10 | Now: Account Executive at Harrison and Star LLC
"Keeping quiet is not part of the Gann mentality. Gann has developed very effective formats for dialogue and the free exchange of ideas, and we were constantly encouraged to respectfully share our opinions. In different ways, I think that every student graduated with the ability to speak up even in the face of opposition. In many situations, I've been able to voice ideas with the knowledge that the worst-case-scenario is that someone might disagree."

Alex Woogmaster, '05 | Cornell University, '11 | Now: Architect at Wynn Design & Development
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