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Gann Academy offers a truly distinctive high school experience, one that focuses on experiential and project-based learning, independent research and critical thinking. Our warm and welcoming community, academic rigor, Jewish moral grounding and one-on-one mentorship will prepare your student for college and life.
To learn more about the distinct features that set us apart, we encourage you to spend time browsing this site. You’ll find information about our commitment to academic excellence, award-winning sports programs, travel opportunities and much more.
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At Gann, challenging opinions is the norm. Arguments from class continue into the hallways, controversial speakers are discussed for days. Behind the debates are students who value each other’s opinion and care about each other’s feelings. I’ve grown comfortable debating because I know that Gann is a community where people care about one another.
Sophie Cohen, Class of 2017

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  • Winter Arts Festival Highlights Students' Work

    The arts came to life last month at the annual Gann Academy Winter Arts Festival. Hundreds of attendees took in performances by the school's music and dance ensembles, participated in student-led gallery tours, and – new this year – participated in hands-on workshops led by both students and faculty.
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  • Cleaning Water and the Flint Fiasco

    Cleaning Water and the Flint Fiasco

    Cleanliness and schoolwork don't always go together, but in the 10th grade chemistry lab, students worked to clean 500 milliliters of filthy water. Students syringed out the oil floating on top. Then they filtered the liquid with sand and charcoal, and used a process called flocculation which caused the suspended pollutant particles to clump together and sink to the bottom.

    "The lab showed me how much time and effort goes into making water clean," said sophomore Halle Sisenwine. "I am lucky to live in a place where I can take for granted that my water is safe to drink."
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