Feeling The Gann Spirit

They sing. They dance. They play the banjo. They build go carts. And between math homework and getting to the bus on time, everyone has fun.
Students are at the heart of Gann’s unique and warm atmosphere—students doing, talking, learning and saying yes. Yes, to trying out for a team. Yes, to organizing a slam poetry festival. Yes, to helping a new student with homework. And yes, most importantly, to stepping up and taking the reins.

Gann boasts dozens of clubs, including Animal Welfare, Model UN, Femininjas, Gay-Straight Alliance, Math Club, Juggling Club, Gann News Network (GNN), Mock Trial, Environment Club, Interfaith Club, Tikkun Olam Union, and the Shevuon Hatichon, and students are motivated and encouraged to create new clubs and interests groups that match their passions.  
What will you say yes to?

Clubs & Organizations

Gann students run and participate in more than 20 different clubs and student organizations. These range from musical and theater groups to science, student government, and service. If interest in a new activity or cause arises, we encourage students start something new.

Orientation Leaders

Each spring, Gann selects students to be Orientation Leaders for the incoming ninth grade class, as well as transfer students to our school. Being an Orientation Leader involves a commitment of time and energy outside of normal school hours, as well as a commitment to upholding the standards of Gann.

Student Leadership

Gann provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills such as group organizing, advocacy, mobilizing peers, and effective communication through shabbatonim, morning discussion sessions and the student orientation leader program.
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