An Advisor In Your Corner

At Gann, we believe a whole child approach to education enhances learning by addressing each student's social, emotional, physical, and academic needs and that's why every Gann student has an advisor and an advisory group throughout their four years at Gann. Our advisors help guide students in matters of academic and social adjustment to school life through regularly scheduled weekly meetings. They also meet with parents, staff and other teachers as needed.
Advisors will help you choose electives and answer a question on particular assignment or about a student organization. No matter what, your advisor has your back. He or she is here to advocate on your behalf and help you be successful.

Advising Program

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  • Advisory Groups

    Your advisory group will include about seven to nine freshmen and a freshman advisor. Advisory groups meet weekly and usually talk as a group about school issues and challenges. Over time you get to know other students in your group extremely well. They become some of your closest friends and a personal support network that often sticks together well after graduation.
  • Conferences and Reports

    Each year in January or February, advisors, students and family members meet to discuss the student’s progress. These conferences cover not only your academic work, but also your social, extracurricular and personal growth as a leader and a participant in the Gann community. Detailed written reports are also sent home at the end of the year. Parents should feel free to contact their student’s advisor at any time if they have a concern and advisors will also contact parents as needed.

  • Ninth Grade Advisory Groups

    The 9th-Grade Advisory is a key component of the 9th-grade program. Advisors are teachers and faculty members who are highly attuned to the particular needs and issues of this transition year. Generally, our primary 9th grade advisors remain 9th grade advisors. At the end of the year, advisors will meet to determine the best possible match with a new advisor, who will stay with the group for 10th–12th grade.

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