Student Organizations

Find Your Passion and Make a Difference

Almost every Gann student is engaged in several clubs or organizations. If students are interested in a new activity or new passion, a new club is easy to form. Student organizations provide many social opportunities as well as experience in planning, collaborating, and leading. Many clubs at Gann have been around for years while others are on a year-by-year basis. The block schedule offers clubs the chance to meet during the day without interrupting academics.

Clubs and Organizations: Animal Welfare, Blood Drive, Business Club, Environment Club, Femininjas, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Heifers for Israel, Habitat for Humanity, Juggling Club, Junior State of America (JSA), Math Team, Mock Trial, Model UN, Red Curtain Drama Club, ROFEH, Tikkun Olam Union, Yachad (New England chapter), Va’ad Hamishpat, Yearbook
Student Publications/News: Balagan (Hebrew Radio Station), Gann News Network (GNN), Lace Up, Loose Ends, Perspectives, Shevuon Hatichon, The Artichoke
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  • Waltham, MA 02452
  • P: 781.642.6800
  • F: 781.642.6805