Get Ready To Say Yes

What Kind of Leader Will You Be?

Leadership doesn't come easily for everyone. It’s often more comfortable to stay under the radar. Some people think they may be natural leaders—but may not yet be naturally good at leadership. Without effective leaders, change is nearly impossible. We need skilled leaders to inspire us, to remind us of our goals and to give us the confidence and courage to face big challenges.
At Gann, we want to make it easy for students to know what it’s like to be a leader and to think seriously about what being an effective leader means. With 40 teams, more than 20 different clubs and dozens of initiatives in any given year, all students will have many opportunities to be the leader of a particular activity or organization and to sit on committees to help plan important programs.

Learn to Say Yes

There are, of course, other ways to lead. Go ahead and be the one who asks a question in class and gets the discussion rolling. Be a role model to younger students. Say yes when someone asks you to take charge of a project. Volunteer when it’s clear that leadership is needed in a service project.

When you are willing to step up, you’ll also have the chance to practice key leadership skills—communication, organization, collaboration and managing and respecting the efforts and views of others. Don’t underestimate the learning that comes from being part of a community, from working together as a community and accomplishing something extraordinary together.

Learning to accept leadership roles is an important part of the Gann experience. Every student at Gann will be called upon to lead. From captaining a team or running a student organization, to organizing a service project, a prayer, a shabbat, or other kind of student activity, somewhere, somehow you’ll find yourself in charge.
High school is a profound time for kids because they begin to develop serious habits of mind and serious beliefs about what the purpose is in what they are doing. At the core of Gann’s mission is when students begin to discover purpose and meaning in their own lives.

Rabbi Marc Baker, Head of School

Leadership Opportunities

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  • Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston (JTFGB)

    Gann is honored to be one of two sites for the Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston (JTFGB), an innovative teen leadership initiative for Jewish high school students throughout greater Boston. An elite experience for both Gann and non-Gann students, the JTFGB offers students the opportunity to make a profound impact on their community through building and running a grant-making Foundation Board. Click here to learn more and to apply
  • Student Government

    Gann’s Student Council fosters connections among students, student organizations, faculty and administration. The officers and grade representatives of Student Council bring a well-formed and professional student voice to school life that assists the administration in meeting students needs. By advocating for student interests and designing their own original programming, Student Council works to create a more vibrant, unique and welcoming community.
  • Va'ad Hamishpat

    Students leaders elected to Va'ad Hamishpat focus on community matters and conduct.
  • Gann Leaders Program

    The Jewish Student Life office helps interested students assume leadership roles in the Gann community. Student leaders are present at the Freshman Orientation and All School Retreat welcoming new students. They speak at and help facilitate Gann's Open House, Step Up Day, assist on admissions tours and sit on a variety of committees to help plan programming for their peers.
  • Clubs & Organizations

    Gann’s many student clubs and organizations provide opportunities for fun, friendship and working toward a shared goal. Students organize over 25 different clubs and organizations, including Student Council, Mock Trial, Juggling Club, Israel Awareness Club, Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world”) Club, Environment Club, Yearbook, Literary Magazine, Ski & Snowboarding Club, Va’ad Hamishpat (Student-Faculty Disciplinary Committee), Prom Committee, Games Club and Model UN.
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