Dear Friends,

As Gann enters its third decade, we are proud of the school we’ve built upon the foundation of our founders’ vision: to educate, inspire and empower intellectually confident, passionately engaged and ethically responsible Jews. That vision informs everything we do.

And while Gann is firmly rooted in the bedrock values of our founders, it’s our willingness to challenge ourselves to constantly do better for our students — to invent and reinvent — that makes Gann one of the most exciting high schools in the Boston area and beyond. With a bold vision for our future, Gann is in the midst of a multi-year campaign focused on 21st century teaching and learning, expanding affordability initiatives and implementing a four-year, in-depth Israel curriculum designed to prepare the future citizens and leaders of the Jewish people. You’ll see a few examples of Gann’s commitment to this vision and trailblazing efforts on the pages that follow.

We thank our generous lead donors in the Campaign for Gann, and we thank you for your generosity and the countless ways you support our mission. At 20 years young, Gann looks forward to many, many more years of educating future generations of young people who will imagine and build a better world.

Board of Trustees,
Gann Academy
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