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Gann Academy's expert teachers serve as instructors, collaborators, facilitators, and guides. Students play an active role in their own learning. Lectures are rare, while student-directed research and hands-on group work are the norms. Instruction focuses on the mastery of skills, not the simple acquisition of content.

Ninth graders develop competence in the core subjects outlined in our curriculum guide, then deepen their skillset and understanding through our advanced and standard electives. As students progress, they learn to analyze complex situations, develop opinions, and express themselves both orally and in writing.
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Gann invests deeply in professional development, and we nurture our teachers as deliberately and thoughtfully as we do our students. We encourage our teachers to innovate, take risks, and constantly evolve their teaching as needs, technologies and pedagogical approaches change—and they model these qualities for their students.

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  • Gann students show off their Arabic during World Languages Week

    Opening New Doors with Arabic at Gann

    Danielle Bejerano '21's first language is Hebrew, her second language is English, and Arabic is now her third.

    Danielle is taking second-year Arabic at Gann, one of several world languages students can study in addition to Hebrew. Three levels of Arabic are currently offered, with plans to explore additional classes in the coming years. “We learn so much in class," says Danielle. As an Israeli, she is pleased that she is forging a relationship with Arab culture and marvels at its similarities to her own. “This is such a unique and amazing opportunity to study Arabic in high school.”

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  • Constitutional Scholar Visits Gann's Supreme Court Class

    Constitutional scholar and law professor at Fordham Law School Jed Shugerman visited Gann Academy's Supreme Court class this week to discuss Marbury v Madison, the 1803 Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review in the United States.

    "The Supreme Court class at Gann is unique in that we don't just read and analyze influential court cases, but we debate and re-try them," said Yoni Kadden, teacher and Gann History Department Chair. "This course is taught in the same style as one you'd find in law school. And, having such an influential constitutional lawyer like Jed Shugerman join the class adds an extra level to the debates." 

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  • Gann to Build Innovation Center in Summer 2019

    The largest building project since Gann’s move to its current space, the construction of Gann’s Innovation Center reflects our focus on creative, interdisciplinary and collaborative learning in all subject areas—learning which spills out far beyond the walls of a classroom, and which supports the many ways that students learn. 

    It will also bring state-of-the-art engineering and lab spaces to the school to support our Computing, Design and Fabrication department and our Arts classes, as well as project-based learning in all of our disciplines.

    "The Innovation Center will both embody and embolden Gann’s culture of teaching and learning," said Gann Assistant Head of School Frank Tipton. "Students and faculty will now have ample space, time, and resources to pursue large-scale projects that both enrich learning and catalyze community impact."

    Project elements include:

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  • Photo Credit: Robin Lubbock/WBUR

    Gann Class Project Featured Nationally on NPR's Here & Now

    Gann Academy's "History of Disability in America" and "Graphic Design" classes combined history, art, and activism to create a nationally-lauded museum exhibit entitled "Division, Unity, Hardship, and Progress: A Disability History of the United States" that was recently featured on NPR's Here & Now.

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