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At Gann Academy, we focus on experiential and project-based learning. With more than 150 classes offered each year, our curriculum is designed to develop the mind in all its facets: analytical, imaginative, and ethical.  

Ninth graders develop competence in the core subjects outlined in our curriculum guide, then deepen their skillset and understanding through our advanced and standard electives. As students progress, they learn to analyze complex situations, develop opinions, and express themselves both orally and in writing.

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Gann faculty are passionate educators and lifelong learners, chosen for their extensive experience and their ability to communicate both their subject and their passion for it. 

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  • Winter Arts Festival Highlights Students' Work

    The arts came to life last month at the annual Gann Academy Winter Arts Festival. Hundreds of attendees took in performances by the school's music and dance ensembles, participated in student-led gallery tours, and – new this year – participated in hands-on workshops led by both students and faculty.
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  • Cleaning Water and the Flint Fiasco

    Cleaning Water and the Flint Fiasco

    Cleanliness and schoolwork don't always go together, but in the 10th grade chemistry lab, students worked to clean 500 milliliters of filthy water. Students syringed out the oil floating on top. Then they filtered the liquid with sand and charcoal, and used a process called flocculation which caused the suspended pollutant particles to clump together and sink to the bottom.

    "The lab showed me how much time and effort goes into making water clean," said sophomore Halle Sisenwine. "I am lucky to live in a place where I can take for granted that my water is safe to drink."
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  • Exploring Art and Identity Through Sculpture

    Exploring Art and Identity Through Sculpture

    Junior Laura Bogorad never noticed how big her eyes are, nor had she studied the contours of her face before Landa Ruen's sculpture and 3D design class.

    Now, thanks to weeks of sketching and translating the line drawings into a 3D wire sculpture, she knows her features like never before. "The work goes beyond just visual representation," says Laura. "As part of the project, we were asked to think about how we are seen by ourselves and others."
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  • Gann's Arabic Program is Opening New Doors for Students

    Gann's Arabic Program is Opening New Doors for Students

    Ninth grader Danielle Bejerano’s first language is Hebrew, her second language is English, and Arabic will now be her third.

    Danielle is taking first-year Arabic at Gann, one of several world languages students can study in addition to Hebrew. Two levels of Arabic are currently offered, with plans to add additional classes in the coming years. “We learn so much in class, and it's crazy how similar Hebrew and Arabic are," says Danielle. As an Israeli, she is pleased that she is forging a relationship with Arab culture and marvels at its similarities to her own. “This is such a unique and amazing opportunity to study Arabic in high school.”
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