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  • Winter Arts Festival

    This year's Winter Arts Festival brought in hundreds of community members to sample the work of Gann's artists. The evening began with performances by Gann's choir, a cappella group, jazz band, chamber ensemble, dance company, improv team, and the Grateful Dead Club rock band. Over a festive dinner, attendees took in hundreds of pieces of artwork, including darkroom photographs, 3D sculpture, film, drawings, paintings, and pottery, and were also invited to participate in interactive, student-led booths, including watercolor paint night and origami.

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  • Reviving Holocaust History with Virtual Reality

    A shocking 1 out of 5 millennials have not heard of, or are not sure if they have heard of, the Holocaust. Gann Alum Ken Thompson is working to change that by recreating history with Virtual Reality and video game design. With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Thompson and his team are working on Courtroom 600, a VR experience that lets students take on the role of prosecutor in the Nuremberg Trials.
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