Feeling The Gann Spirit

They sing. They dance. They play the banjo. They build go carts. And between math homework and getting to the bus on time, everyone has fun.
Students are at the heart of Gann’s unique and warm atmosphere—students doing, talking, learning and saying yes. Yes, to trying out for a team. Yes, to organizing a slam poetry festival. Yes, to helping a new student with homework. And yes, most importantly, to stepping up and taking the reins.

Gann boasts dozens of clubs, including Animal Welfare, Model UN, Femininjas, Gay-Straight Alliance, Math Club, Juggling Club, Gann News Network (GNN), Mock Trial, Environment Club, Interfaith Club, Tikkun Olam Union, and the Shevuon Hatichon, and students are motivated and encouraged to create new clubs and interests groups that match their passions.  
What will you say yes to?

Message on Embracing Diversity from Head of School Rabbi Marc Baker

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  • Embracing Our Diversity

    May 19, 2017
    On several occasions this week I heard powerful stories that brought to light the richness of the diversity of our community and the depth of the humanity of the individuals who make it up.

    On Wednesday I attended a first-time program created by members of Gann’s senior class in partnership with teachers and advisors of the Gann Inclusivity Committee (GIC), a group that works to ensure that our school is as equitable and inclusive as possible. Gann has always prided itself on building community out of diversity, rather than in spite of it. We have been a national and international leader in Jewish pluralism and have been on the forefront of the Jewish community’s work to fully include members of the LGBTQ community. We strive to develop in our students the intellectual and personal qualities needed to be in respectful, open, authentic relationships with people from different backgrounds than their own.

    Our work in these areas is never finished, of course. We also have important work to do in other areas if we are going to be the best, most inclusive community possible and if we are going to prepare our students to thrive and lead in an increasingly diverse, global world. At this week’s special program, four courageous members of our senior class shared with their peers and teachers some of their experiences of being students-of-color at Gann and in the Jewish community. Sometimes, predominantly Ashkenazi American Jews forget the racial and ethnic diversity of the worldwide Jewish People, and we overlook the increasing number of people-of-color who are part of our community today. How do they experience our schools, our synagogues, being Jewish here in Greater Boston? How can each of us walk through the world with greater consciousness of our own racial identities, and how does that affect our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward one another and the world?
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Glimpse of Gann

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  • All School Retreat Engages Students’ Grit, Wits and Hearts

    For many, the highlight of the recent All School Retreat was Grit ‘N Wit, a campus-wide obstacle course that tested both brains and brawn. “It was awesome,” enthused senior Noah Savitz. “The team-building was amazing and it provided a great start to the year.”
    Welcoming new students, bonding as a community and beginning the school year with a bang are a few of the hoped for outcomes of the annual two-day event. Dean of Students Cindy Jacobs said that although some students were initially disappointed the retreat was on-campus for the first time, most agreed with Savitz that it was a great success. 

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  • Robots Make Physics Come Alive

    Ninth-grade students are gaining an out-of-this-world experience in Steven Cavendar-Wood’s Physics class. Meet Sphero, a ball-like robot bringing to life concepts like motion, force and velocity that students will use to explore a faux extraterrestrial terrain.
    The 14 Spheros — think Star Wars’ BB-8, but smaller — are the centerpiece of Cavendar-Wood’s mechanics unit. “We wanted to ramp up the physics curriculum and make it more engaging and accessible to all sorts of learners,” says Cavendar-Wood.  “The students are excited about the robots, and, by extension, they’re getting excited about physics—delving in at a whole new level.”

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  • Empowering Girls Through Knowledge

    For two decades, Gann has been nurturing young people to become leaders, questioners, visionaries, activists, doers, and thinkers. They work at Google and NASA, walk the halls of Capitol Hill, and are changing the world in small and large ways. In our new feature, Who Will You Become?, we introduce you to alums whose Gann experiences have profoundly shaped the people they are today.
    Gann alum Ariana Abadian-Heifetz '08 was working in rural India when she discovered how little knowledge young women had of their bodies – particularly when it came to menstruation. When she set out to find resources that spoke to the specific needs of rural communities and were engaging for young children, she came up empty-handed.

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  • Meet the Gann Academy Class of 2021

    We are excited to welcome the incoming class to the Gann community! This year, more than 70 new students hail from 24 different towns around New England.

    “Gann draws students from all over Greater Boston,” says Director of Enrollment Management Farrah Rubenstein. “Students who come to Gann are able to develop friendships with kids from Marblehead to Sharon, Worcester to Brookline.”
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  • New Department Brings Increased Innovation to Gann

    Gann Academy is excited to introduce our new Computing, Design and Fabrication Department.

    Gann's newest department includes an expanded computer science curriculum (with three levels of courses allowing for triple the student enrollment of previous years), courses that focus on design and engineering (with planned classes in areas such as 3D design and electrical engineering), and a new Innovation Club for students to identify relevant projects and design and build prototypes. The department will also house Gann’s award-winning robotics teams.

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