Feeling The Gann Spirit

They sing. They dance. They play the banjo. They build go carts. And between math homework and getting to the bus on time, everyone has fun.
Students are at the heart of Gann’s unique and warm atmosphere—students doing, talking, learning and saying yes. Yes, to trying out for a team. Yes, to organizing a slam poetry festival. Yes, to helping a new student with homework. And yes, most importantly, to stepping up and taking the reins.

Gann boasts dozens of clubs, including Model UN, Femininjas, Gay-Straight Alliance, Math Club, Mock Trial, Environment Club, Interfaith Club, Tikkun Olam Union, and the Shevuon Hatichon student newspaper. Students are motivated and encouraged to create new clubs and interests groups that match their passions.  
What will you say yes to?

Glimpse of Gann

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  • Winter Arts Festival Highlights Students' Work

    The arts came to life last month at the annual Gann Academy Winter Arts Festival. Hundreds of attendees took in performances by the school's music and dance ensembles, participated in student-led gallery tours, and – new this year – participated in hands-on workshops led by both students and faculty.
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  • Robotics: Communicating Complex Ideas

    Last Sunday, Gann's three robotics teams took to the stage and made a major impact at the Robotics State Qualifier match in Andover. While the final results are not yet in, Gann has already secured two spots at the State Championship in March, and one Gann team even took home the Think Award for excellence in the engineering design process.

    "It's amazing to watch a robot go from idea, to design, to reality," said Nathan Lesser, captain of Gann’s RABBI robotics team. "When you take it to competition, it feels so good to know that barely four months ago your robot was only a dream."

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  • Exploring Diversity

    In December, a delegation from Gann joined more than 6,000 independent school students and educators at the 30th annual People of Color Conference and the Student Diversity Leadership Conference hosted in Anaheim, California. The conference, run by the National Association of Independent Schools, focused on improving the interracial, interethnic, and intercultural climate at schools across the country.

    "The conference was an outstanding experience," said sophomore Naomi Ravel, "You meet people and learn everything about them—from their name to how they were raised. The most meaningful part of the whole trip was knowing you're loved by everyone around you even if you [just met them]." Ravel described the content: "We learned about awareness, social justice, and human rights, and how to stand up for ourselves." Senior Alyssa Block said learning about others backgrounds and life experiences was "powerful and moving".

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  • Gann Switching to 100% Renewable Energy

    Gann Switching to 100% Renewable Electricity

    Gann Academy's electricity will soon be exclusively powered by renewable energy. Thanks to three recent Gann graduates and a school administrator who took their environmental concerns seriously, the school will soon be joining a very exclusive club: the 4% of U.S. schools powered by renewable energy.

    Weather permitting, solar panels will be installed on the roof of the student activities center once the city issues Gann a permit. The panels will provide the school with 25% of its energy. The other 75% will be sourced from wind farms.

    "We are really happy to leave our mark on our community in a way that has such a tangible impact," said Nate Orbach, who, along with classmates from Student Council and the Environment Club, drove the sustainable energy agenda last year. "What makes Gann unique is how it empowers students to follow their passions and enact real change," explained Nate.

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  • Goodbye Disposable Bottles

    Goodbye Disposable Bottles

    Think of the class of 2017 next time you take a drink or fill up at the school's new water fountain and bottle filling station.
    "The filling station represents our grade's unique passion for the environment and activism: we saw things that could be improved, and we acted on them," said last year’s Student Council President Stav Bejerano, who is spending the year in India as part of a service-based gap year sponsored by Princeton University, which he will attend next fall. "
    By making bottle refilling simple, and a more visible priority, this class gift will encourage community members to switch from using disposable water bottles to reusable ones."

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