Gann Academy Marches for Israel

On Tuesday November 14, the Gann community expressed its solidarity with Israel. Our school sent over 100 students, faculty, and staff to Washington DC to participate in the March for Israel. They joined nearly 300,000 individuals assembled on the National Mall in what was an historic, memorable experience.  

Teddy F, ‘24 noted, “It was an incredibly powerful experience. Jews from around the country being united for a common cause. Natan Seransky, Richie Torres, and all the speakers shouting their support for Israel, chanting “bring them home,” and singing Am Yisrael Chai were highlights. We really appreciated the support from Gann and the flexibility from our teachers so that we could attend.” 

At Gann, the day was equally momentous. In honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev (first day of the Hebrew month of Kislev) we held an extended Z’man Kodesh (spiritual time) where students had a chance to discuss their feelings about the War in Israel. In one minyan, The Reform Minyan, Dr. Hochman reviewed the words and tun for the HaTikvah (Israel’s national anthem) and then took students outside for a ceremony in front of Gann’s Israeli flag.  

Student Council planned numerous efforts and booths in the front lobby to write letters to IDF soldiers and Congresspeople, creating posters to display outside the building, distributing flyers detailing upcoming solidarity events, and setting up a table in the lobby for students to place flowers on in dedication to hostages and their families. 

In the afternoon, we cancelled our classes to gather in the Beit Midrash to watch the rally all together. Students felt the tremendous power of community in being together on Tuesday afternoon watching the events in Washington.  

“After seeing so much antisemitism on social media, I appreciated seeing the Jewish community come together, even if I couldn’t be there.” Nathaniel G. ‘25 

“It was powerful to be able to watch as a community and even see our friends at the rally.”  Natalia R. ‘26 

“I thought that watching the rally at school was very important because it offered an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the rally and to get a feel for what the actual rally was like. I enjoyed listening to different speakers, especially Ishai Ribo singing.” Agam B. ’24 

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