“Lunch and Learn” Session: Q&A with Charlotte Korchak, StandWithUs Israel Educator 

Heifer’s for Israel, our student run club dedicated to expanding Israel aid initiatives within the Gann Community recently organized a discussion with senior educator Charlotte Korchak, a resident of Israel from StandwithUs, a non-profit committed to educating the public about Israel and combatting antisemitism. The discussion focused on the long history of the Israel-Palestine conflict and how it has evolved to the current rhetoric students are encountering on social media, in-person, and witnessing on college campuses.  

During the discussion, Korchak emphasized the importance of Jews finding solace in their local safe spaces, like Gann, while standing in solidarity with Israel and leaning into Jewish community for support. She noted that whether you decide to light Shabbat candles, share thoughts and feelings with friends, or participate in local community efforts, these moments of solidarity build resilience and connection to Judaism.  

Thank you to Heifers for Israel for organizing this week’s “Lunch and Learn” session.

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