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There is more to high school than academics.

Leadership and Student Life at Gann

“One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that one’s life has meaning, that one is needed in this world.” -- Hannah Szenes, poet and member of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) organization.  

At Gann Academy, we nurture our students’ passions, support their interests, and inspire them to become their best selves. We honor their multidimensional identities, while simultaneously giving them opportunities to learn valuable leadership and advocacy skills that prepare them for life at and beyond Gann. 

Gann Academy offers myriad, unique avenues for students of all grades to participate actively in student life and to take on significant leadership experiences. At Gann, our students’ voices matter -- and we take seriously the privilege of helping our students develop theirs so they can make a difference in their local, national, and global communities. When you become a student leader at Gann, you gain the skills to tackle real world problems, find your voice as a self-advocate, and practice the importance of critical thinking.

Gann Community Fellows

At Gann, we believe that our students play a critical role in shaping their educational experience. One way that students contribute meaningfully to their Gann community is through the Gann Community Fellows program, which began in fall 2021 and is open to all Gann students. Fellows work with Gann faculty and staff to learn about and contribute to the running of the school community, while developing real-world professional skills and experience. Example Fellowship projects include:
  • Servery Fellows: Students are immersed in a Gann Farm to Table experience. They learn about food production, service, and safety in Gann’s Servery. Instructed by trained culinary staff members, fellows participate by preparing food, assisting with kitchen maintenance, and setting up and breaking down meals in the Dining Hall. 
  • Marketing Fellows: Marketing Fellows work with Gann’s Director of Marketing and Communications to learn valuable skills in strategic communication and marketing. Fellows develop community engagement pieces such as the school’s Chaunkah card and create social media posts for various platforms.


The Gann Academy Admissions team recognizes how important it is for prospective students and parents to hear firsthand from Gann students about their school experience during the admissions process. Gannbassadors are student leaders that work closely with the Admissions staff to represent Gann to the broader community. Gannbassadors speak about their Gann experience to prospective families at events, Open Houses, and other admissions-related events.

Jewish Life at Gann

Jewish life is the foundation of the Gann community. At Gann, you'll be immersed in Jewish values and have powerful Jewish experiences with a community of your peers—including Shabbotonim, holiday celebrations, social justice experiences, and a four-week trip exploring Israel with your classmates.

Explore Jewish Life at Gann

Student Council

Gann’s Student Council is a meaningful and sought after leadership opportunity for students in all grades. Student Council members solicit feedback from their classmates about ways to strengthen their Gann experience, facilitate strong communication between the student body and school administration, and cultivate a cohesive and connected Gann community. In order to ensure equal representation for all grades in important conversations about student life, Student Council comprises five elected student leadership positions – a President, Feedback Officer, Treasurer, Programs Officer, and Clubs Officer – as well as three grade representatives from each class.


The transition to any high school can be challenging – but Ozrim (“Ozos”) help to make the experience smooth and successful for ninth graders at Gann. The Ozos are 12th grade mentors who collaborate with ninth grade advisors to design programs for incoming students to welcome, provide helpful information, and create friendships. Through the process of orienting ninth graders to the Gann community and acting as supportive guides throughout the transition experience, the Ozos develop valuable leadership skills that they use throughout the year to support 9th grade students.


Clubs are an essential part of the Gann experience, as they help students nurture their passions and build connections. Many Gann students participate in two or more clubs. The majority of the 50+ clubs at Gann are student-run, faculty supported, and students take on active leadership positions in clubs. Club offerings change with the student body and students are encouraged to participate in clubs, or to work with a faculty advisor to start a club if it does not yet exist. Our block scheduling allows for clubs to meet during the day without interrupting academics. Some of Gann’s most beloved clubs include Mock Trial, Hot Sauce, and Grateful Dead cover band.

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