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Gann Students are Happy and Healthy

At Gann, faculty and staff think carefully about how to embed academic and emotional success into coursework, advisory, athletics, clubs, and other special programs. The wellbeing team—Dean of Students, Wellness Educator and School Counselor, School Nurse, Learning Center faculty, Athletic Director, and college counselors—meets together regularly to support the holistic needs of each student.

Learning Center
The Learning Center is an encouraging, compassionate space where students are comfortable discovering new ways to approach areas they find most challenging. Students utilize Learning Center support to strengthen academic and executive functioning skills, as well as develop the relationships and the scaffolding they need to be successful in and out of the classroom. Together, these supports build the confidence in our students to stand tall and be proud of who they are and what they can accomplish both individually and as part of a community. Available to all students with documented learning challenges, the Learning Center team creates an individualized and differentiated plan of instruction for each student. Each customized plan is designed to ensure students can strengthen their academic skills, become strong self-advocates, and gain confidence in their own abilities. Instruction is built into a student’s schedule as a daily block or a twice weekly flex block. Teaching is provided in a warm, supportive environment, where students can work one-on-one with teachers, as well as collaboratively with their peers.