Gann’s expert teachers have developed a curriculum that integrates the most recent advances in learning science to teach both transferable 21st century skills as well as discipline-specific content. Schools often vacillate between the teaching of either skills or content. Here, faculty and staff understand that our students need both in order to truly be prepared for an ever-changing world.


What’s your passion? Computer science? Philosophy? Social Justice? 3D modeling? Creative Writing? Environmental science and sustainability? Jewish History?
Our course model allows you to enroll in 10 classes each year. At Gann, our impressive classes and electives empower you to dive deep into your interests and discover new ones.
As you progress through your Gann journey, the foundational skills you build in close reading, formal writing, information processing, public speaking and presentation skills, creative design, and analytical thinking become your ladder as you climb to new challenges and opportunities.
As you think about your high school journey, make sure to look through the course catalog to get a feel for the range of subjects and electives available to you! 


Supporting you is our #1 priority. Our systems of student support are central to our school’s commitment to your wellbeing.
At Gann, faculty and staff think carefully about how to balance high school success with coursework, advisory, after school activities, and other special programs. The Wellness team, which consists of the Head of School for Student Experience, 9th grade Dean of Students, 10-12th grade Dean of Students, 2 School Counselors, School Nurse, Learning Center faculty, Athletic Director, and college counselors, meets together regularly to discuss the holistic needs of students.
Our Wellness team is always available to each student as we support your growth towards long-term goals including perseverance in the face of challenge, emotional regulation, healthy relationships, goal setting, and physical and mental wellbeing.

Jewish Pluralism

We celebrate the wide range of Jewish beliefs and practices students bring to our community. Our intentionally pluralistic environment encourages you to deepen your understanding of your own Jewish identity and to strive to understand others’ experiences, beliefs, and perspectives. Explore Jewish history, form a connection to Israel, learn from Jews of Color, practice how to engage in civil discourse, build the tools to tackle antisemitism on college campuses and beyond, and so much more as each of these learning experiences takes place within our empathetic and safe community.

Outstanding Faculty

Gann invests deeply in our faculty and staff, and we nurture our teachers as deliberately and thoughtfully as we do our students. As needs, technologies, and pedagogical approaches change, we encourage our teachers to evolve their teaching by being reflective, by innovating, and by taking risks—and teachers model these qualities for their students. About 90% of our faculty hold advanced degrees, with a number of PhDs among them. Pairing excellent teachers with students in deep and meaningful mentoring relationships is a hallmark of Gann professional development.

Learning Through Experience

Gann’s curriculum ensures that you will have agency to customize your learning. You can take an enriched and advanced sequence of course offerings, a specialized set of classes (an engineering track or two languages), receive structured academic supports from our Learning Center, or explore a new subject. 

Equally important to the skills and knowledge you will obtain in the classroom is the community and joy you will find here. Gann is a place to get to know yourself, explore your passions and interests, and to appreciate all you have to offer the world. This time is about pushing, stretching, and growing academically. It’s about trying out new experiences, being confident in your successes, and learning from failures. It’s about exploring your Jewish identity. It’s about being an athlete and an artist. It’s about building skills for jobs and industries that have not yet been created. It’s about finding your people and building friendships that will last a lifetime.

At Gann, you will move through your high school years with a supportive community cheering you on, lifting you up, and celebrating your wins.