students wearing gann gear

Shabbat Shalom!

Gann had an epic first week back at school, kicking off the school year with new friends, a senior retreat, and forever memories!  On Wednesday,

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Smiley face graphic on computer

Coding with ChatGPT 

“ChatGPT can be like a personal tutor if you use it correctly,” explained STEAM Teacher Casey Moden. “In the case of coding, you can learn

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Student holding hamentashen

Get Ready For Purim!

Purim is right around the corner, and we are so excited!   Festivities started this week during Z’man Kodesh, when students prepared mishloach manot, or gifts to friends.

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Boys Basketball Team with Trophy

MBIL Champions!

After an intense game on Thursday, February 16, our Varsity Boys Basketball Team pulled out a win against Boston Trinity to become MBIL Champions!  Going

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