Gann Celebrates Purim!

On Monday, March 25 Gann community kicked off the week with our annual Purim celebration! Joy filled the halls as students, faculty, and staff wore their Purim best. Following our student spiel led by the 11th grade, we moved into our Purim carnival run by the 9th grade and our 12th grade Ozos.

Students enjoyed games, delicious snacks, created Mishloach manot for friends, and listened to music from our student DJs!  Thank you to all our student volunteers, and the Jewish Student Life team for planning our Purim festivities! 

As part of our Purim celebration, students participated in a ‘Purim Symposium’ during the Limmud Block before Purim. Organized by our Jewish Student Life team, students had the opportunity to choose a session that piqued their interest.

Each session, led by a Gann faculty or staff member, offered a diverse range of interactive activities and experiential learning. Activities included a tumbling workshop that explored the spiritual Purim practice of turning things upside down, a Purim Jam session to spread joy through Jewish songs, and mask-making for those still crafting their Purim costumes.

Additionally, there were various learning sessions, each delving into a different aspect of the Purim story and how we can incorporate the spirit of Purim into our daily lives. Some options included ‘Secrets of the Megillah Revealed,’ ‘The Feminist Perspective on Purim,’ ‘The Most Important Mitzvah: Matanot l’evyonim,’ and ‘Megillat Esther: From Beginning to End.’ Thank you to the faculty and staff who led the sessions and provided students with various opportunities to explore the true meaning of Purim.

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