Academic Support

Learning Center

Meet the Team!

Director of Learning Center

Jaime Guarnaccia

12th Grade Lead Learning Center Teacher

Susan Cheloff

11th Grade Lead Learning Center Teacher

Sivan Einsohn

10th Grade Lead Learning Center Teacher

Hannah Abelman

9th Grade Lead Learning Center Teacher

Shira Shazeer

Academic Support

Academic support complements our rigorous dual curriculum and collaborative learning. At Gann, instructional support includes students’ relationships with their individual teachers, and their classmates. Gann has a strong culture of students meeting with teachers one-on-one and in small groups during office hours.

When students meet with their classroom teacher, they receive support from the person who knows the curriculum best, and the teacher gains valuable information in adapting classroom instruction.

Learning Center

Our Learning Center teachers collaborate with classroom teachers to support executive functioning instruction across our curriculum. They also work with teachers and families to identify next steps when students experience new or increased levels of academic difficulty.

For students with documented disabilities that impact their learning, we develop a Gann Learning Plan, and students may take scheduled classes in the Learning Center. These classes provide a supportive environment for skills and strategies instruction, as well as opportunities for students to work one-on-one with Learning Center teachers and collaboratively with their peers.