Chag Sameach from Gann!

Today, our 9th grade students organized a Seder Fair, drawing inspiration from their Jewish Studies classes. Each student crafted presentations focusing on various aspects of the Passover story and Passover traditions, with the aim of educating the Gann community about the roots of Pesach.

As we approach Passover, we hold the hostages and their families in our hearts and prayers, as well as all those affected by the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and the surrounding regions. We are deeply grateful for the Gann community and give thanks for the resilience and spirit of the Jewish people. We wish you all a Chag Sameach and Happy Passover.

In anticipation of the holiday, the ShenaniGanns joined Rabbi Marc Baker, Gann parent and CJP CEO, in a heartfelt rendition of a timeless Passover song, Vehi She-amda, resonating with themes of resilience—a sentiment profoundly relevant to us all this year. View their performance below.

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