One People, One Heart: Students and Faculty Expand Art Installation in Tribute to the Hostages in Gaza

In a collaboration between students and faculty created a mixed-media art installation in our lobby, dedicated to honoring the approximately 132 hostages still held in Gaza. One notable section of the installation displays an art series by the renowned Israeli artist Zeev Engelmayer. This series consists of daily postcards that Engelmayer has been creating since October 7. Initially shared on Facebook, these postcards served as an outlet for him to express his hopes and fears regarding the hostages held by Hamas.  

In Nati Golan’s Hebrew classes, students were assigned the task of analyzing the pictures, sharing their interpretations, and exploring the emotions conveyed by each postcard. Notably, the postcards feature a unique aspect—colorful drawings portraying a naive, childlike style of art, making them accessible for all age groups to learn and reflecting on such a challenging situation. 

The lobby installation also includes student-written calligraphy offering healing prayers, a prayer tree with handwritten prayers in both Hebrew and English, an art project created by our Jewish Art class, news articles providing updates on the hostage situation along with political analysis, and a section continuously updated with photos of current hostages. Additionally, an expanded version of our tribute table to Hersch Goldberg-Polin, a current hostage and former myIsrael program madrich, includes a QR code linking to a video of his mother, Rachel Goldberg, sharing his story at the DC Rally. 

Designed as an acknowledgment of the hostage situation and a means to offer ongoing education and updates about the situation in Gaza, the installation prominently features a banner that boldly reads ‘One People, One Heart.’ This message serves as a constant reminder of unity, connection, and commitment among the Jewish people. Encouraging active participation, it urges the Gann community to join in prayer, reflect, and interact with the installation. We warmly welcome suggestions for additional art and resources to enrich the overall experience. 

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