Gann Celebrates Tu B’Shevat 

On Thursday, January 25 we celebrated Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees. We embraced a spirit of renewal and took time to appreciate our connection to the natural world and the land of Israel. Throughout the festivities, we extended our gratitude to the trees, nature, and the world around us by engaging in environmentally friendly activities leading up to our Tisch and Seder.

Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to dehydrate their own fruits, including apples, grapes, and oranges, for our Seder. Yesterday, we engaged in a range of activities, including creating recycled paper, leaf and flower bookmark making, and attending an information session with a representative from The Jewish National Fund. The session aimed to raise donations to plant trees in Israel, with the goal of rehabilitating the Be’eri Forest situated along the region bordering Gaza. Additionally, many of our Zman Kodesh minyans actively participated in their own celebrations, with one of our art minyans venturing outside to hug and sing to the trees!

As we celebrated Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees, we were reminded of the resilience of the Jewish community. Like a tree with deep roots, we stand ready to take on challenges that come our way.

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