An Inside Look at Red Curtain Drama Club’s Anything Goes

Mazel tov to our Red Curtain Drama Club (RCDC) on their incredible production of Anything Goes! The dedicated cast and crew executed multiple performances and shared an in-school preview with all of Gann’s students, faculty, and staff, providing insight into the months of hard work invested in the production.

The members of the Anything Goes cast and crew shared their experiences with the Gann Weekly, discussing their respective roles, reflecting on past Gann productions, and offering insights into their engagement with both the Red Curtain Drama Club (RCDC) and the broader Gann theatre community.

Eden R. ’25, who serves as both a stage manager and sound engineer, reflected on the profound impact that Theatre and RCDC have had on her Gann experience, tracing back to the first-day theatre info session she attended. As the Executive Technician on the RCDC Board, working alongside Treasurer Naomi S. ’25, she collaborates with fellow Board members, and Lynda Bachman (Gann’s theatre teacher and RCDC’s director), to organize events and plan upcoming productions.

Eden expressed her enthusiasm for Anything Goes, highlighting her behind-the-scenes role and the supportive backstage environment. She shared, “Seeing the support backstage brings me such joy. Everyone is so talented and has so much to bring to the show.”

Naomi S. ’25, who portrays Dippy, one half of a dynamic duo of petty thieves, has been involved in Gann theatre since her freshman year. As a member of the RCDC board, she enjoys contributing to the show selection process and fostering the overall cast and crew culture. She also shared that one of her favorite things to plan is the Dramaton, a student-led Shabbaton, for RCDC.

Robin C. ’26, who served as the Props Designer and a member of the Run Crew, reflected on past experiences, including productions like 9 to 5, last year’s ‘Playhem,’ and Twelfth Night. Robin emphasized the satisfaction derived from working with intricate props and conducting extensive research to enhance the authenticity of the show. Notably, the hand-painted, period-specific wheelchair stands out as a highlight of Anything Goes, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and care that these students dedicate to the production process.

Students collectively expressed deep appreciation for the tight-knit Gann theatre community, which provides an inclusive space for those passionate about theatre.

Gedalya G. ’25, who plays one of the lead roles, Billy Crocker, echoed the sentiment, citing the theatre department’s friendly nature as a key factor in choosing Gann. He relishes the relaxed environment and spending long tech days in the black box with friends. His favorite aspect of Anything Goes is its comedic plot, stating, “I love that the more fun I am having, the more fun the character is portrayed to the audience.”

Reflecting on how the theatre curriculum enhances his acting ability, Gedalya shares that Lynda Bachman’s Theatre Foundation class taught techniques he built upon in The Actor’s Process class, helping him develop existing skills and refine his acting craft.

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