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The Gann Farm

Growing a vibrant, climate-resilient Jewish community from the ground up

Click here to learn about the Gann Farm 2022 Summer Internship! 

Gann Academy’s new Jewish farm is a space that facilitates transformative experiences, renewing our shared connection to Jewish tradition and the earth.

The Gann Farm is:
  • A regenerative vegetable farm growing many varieties of vegetables and herbs
  • An outdoor classroom that provides a dynamic learning environment
  • A living laboratory for exploring earth-based Judaism

The Gann Farm heeds the call of our tradition, “Hadesh Yameynu keKedem,” (Lamentations 5:21), “renew our lives as in days of old,” by growing a connected, thriving, and earth-based Jewish community.

Gann biology classes use the farm to investigate plant growth and the carbon cycle. Z’man Kodesh groups discover that Jewish tradition lives not only in books but also in the deep roots and stretching stems of the plants we grow, in our bodies as we work to bring forth the earth’s abundance, and in our souls as we connect with each other in sacred community. And, when we, as a school community, purchase food at our weekly farm stand or eat farm-fresh produce for lunch in our dining hall, we feel the joy of accomplishment—tasting the fruits of our physical labor.

Join us as we grow together on the Gann Farm.