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Imagine. Create. Inspire. Express.

Gann recognizes the exceptional role that the arts play in culture and community. A Gann arts education promotes self-actualization of the individual artist, cultivation of the creative process, and general arts literacy.

At Gann, young artists learn to take creative risks, to problem-solve, and to communicate in new ways. Music, dance, theater, and the visual arts are critical for stimulating creativity and fostering a greater sense of community — helping students deepen their self-expression and become more open to and mindful of others.

Gann's art facilities include:

  • Black Box Theatre
  • Dance Studio
  • Sculpture and Ceramics Studio
  • Darkroom
  • Drawing and Painting Studio
  • Gallery Space
  • Media Lab
  • Music Practice Rooms

Theatre at Gann

Theatre at Gann is a rehearsal for an empowered, engaged and critically conscious life! Through classes and productions, you will learn to collaborate, create, innovate and communicate with their body, voice, mind, and heart.

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Dance at Gann

Dance at Gann will inspire you to explore the empowering and intellectual facets of physical expression through movement and choreography. 

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Music at Gann

The Music program at Gann invites students to explore musical expression through courses and ensembles to develop a lifelong appreciation for music in a collaborative, creative, exciting and intellectual setting.

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Media Arts at Gann

Media Arts at Gann teaches students to become conscious consumers and producers of media through critical analysis and inquiry. Combining technical skill-building with creative inquiry, the Media Arts curricula at teaches problem solving, effective communication, and compelling storytelling.

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Studio Arts at Gann

Studio Arts provides students with an opportunity to explore their creative and artistic talents in a hands-on studio environment that encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and self-reflection.

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