The Importance of a Jewish Education in Today’s Complex World

Dear Families,

As I process the recent events in Israel, I’m reminded of the importance of a Jewish education in today’s complex world. Watching the global Jewish community unite in solidarity and grapple with nuanced issues during these challenging times, I’ve been observing firsthand the role a Gann education plays in shaping students’ identities. From wrestling with the recent tragedies in Israel to sharing heartfelt stories and taking meaningful action, our students are deeply engaging with their identities as emerging Jewish adults. 

Now, more than ever, the world needs Jewish leaders who are thoughtful, compassionate, and able to navigate multiple perspectives. At Gann, we take pride in empowering our students to think critically, contextualize Jewish history, and gain the ability to stand confidently in their own identities. Many young adults, especially when they move on to higher education, wish they had a deeper understanding of their heritage and the complexities of the modern State of Israel. It can be challenging to speak up and take the lead when we feel uninformed or uncertain. Gann students graduate from our rigorous dual-curriculum program ready to step into the world. They are not just well-educated; they are deeply committed to their communities and poised to make a meaningful impact. 

We look forward to seeing you at our Open House on October 22 from 1-4pm. Gann was established by the Boston Jewish community for our children. Today, community is more important than ever. Gann is more than just a school; it is a place where families from all corners of Jewish life find a safe and welcoming home.