Four Weeks in Israel

Gann’s myIsrael program is a transformative, immersive deep dive into Israeli society, culture, and history. The journey probes deeply into Jewish identity and draws upon four years of study of Jewish history and peoplehood as our students step into the world as adults.  


The myIsrael course culminates the Gann student experience. For four weeks students make Israel both their home and their classroom. While in Israel, students travel the country learning about Israeli society, culture, and history. Using language skills from their Hebrew class and rich knowledge from their Jewish Studies and Jewish History courses, Gann students develop their own personalized connection to Israel, and explore their own role in writing the modern-day Jewish story.  
Through immersive travel, students enjoy their final moments as a grade by living the history of the Jewish story, solidifying their connection to Israel and preparing themselves to confront antisemitism as they transition to college campuses and beyond. This time together holds both joy and deep meaning, as they engage in social experiences with Israeli teenagers from other high schools, embark on outdoor adventures, partake in Shabbat celebrations, attend workshops, explore Israeli culture, and embark on trips throughout the country.

Jewish Identity

The program offers a 360-degree perspective on Israel, including meetings with Jewish settlers, Palestinians, and Arab Israelis to gain insights into the complexity of Israeli politics and society. 

Along the way students build connections with their Israeli counterparts, fueling their attachment to the Jewish state, and resulting in both lifelong learning and friendships. 

At the end of the four weeks, students return with more than just memories. They return more connected to their heritage and Jewish identity, with a deepened sense of empathy and Jewish Peoplehood. They return with a clearer sense of self and a meaningful relationship to Israel and the world. 


In an effort to ensure the myIsrael program is financially accessible to every student, the cost of the program is highly subsidized. 

myIsrael was co-created by Gann, Israeli educational experts and staff from Ramah Israel.  

CJP’s Boston-Haifa Partnership, which has been a leader in fostering connections between young Jews in the Boston area and Israel, has been an important partner in making this program a reality. 

CJP Boston Haifa Connection