Susan Cheloff

Dr. Cheloff, who holds advanced degrees in education, management and disability policy, has been at Gann many years and has taught at all levels. Prior to coming to Gann she worked in a variety of educational settings, both internationally as well as at the local, state, and federal levels, and has brought this experience and expertise to the Gann classroom. Finding her inspiration from the hard work and creativity of the students around her, Dr. C (as her students call her) can always be found sharing her stories, adventures, and love of learning with students in her advisory, Learning Center classroom, and those she meets in the halls of Gann. During her years at Gann Academy Dr. C has used her expertise in differentiation to ensure that all students can unravel the mysteries of math as well as master skills presented in the classroom.    When not with her students Dr. C can be found walking her dogs, running on the beach, or with her family and friends.