“Gann Student Stories Series”: Students Participate in a Jewish Pluralism Panel

As part of our ‘Gann Student Voices Series,’ a group of 10th and 11th graders participated in a lively Jewish Pluralism Panel during a special Limmud last week for the 10th and 11th grades. During the session, the panelists answered questions detailing their personal stories surrounding being Jewish. They shared insights into their Jewish practices, described their family Shabbat traditions, discussed challenges they have faced, highlighted positive experiences at Gann, and expressed pride in their Jewish identities.

Panelists emphasized the profound impact Gann has had on them and the experiences it provided to educate others about their connections to Judaism. Matan L. ’25 noted that his participation in the tutoring program last year allowed him to teach elementary students about the history of Chanukah and its traditions, reaching out to circles of non-Jews, which made him feel very proud of his Jewish identity. Gann’s tight-knit events have fostered a strong sense of Jewish community. Eden R. ’25 recounted the joy and pride she felt while singing, dancing, and participating in prayer at the recent 11th-grade Shabbaton. This experience became an incredible memory, illustrating the significance of joining together with peers and embracing what it means to be Jewish.

Students collectively recognized the opportunities Gann has given them to connect with students and faculty from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. Our panel, made up of students with different practices, led to Yuval S. ’26 discussing his gratitude for Gann’s pluralism, sharing that he wouldn’t have known half the people he does if Gann wasn’t a pluralistic school.

Gann encourages our students to amplify their voices and take on leadership roles in their local Jewish communities. Alli F. ’25 closed with a sentiment of pride, recounting her experience teaching preschool classes at her temple, including her three-year-old brother who lights up whenever she talks to him about their Jewish traditions, making her extremely proud to inspire the future generations of Jewish children.

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