Gann Students in Local Media: Supporting Israeli Families and Reservists at Boston Logan Airport

This week, members of the Gann community gathered at Boston Logan Airport in a powerful display of solidarity, expressing their support for Israeli families and army reservists returning to Israel. The reservists were about to board their flight to Tel Aviv, joining 360,000 Israeli citizens summoned to serve in the Israeli military.

Our dedicated students and faculty gathered at the international terminal on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for an emotional send-off.

This heartfelt farewell included care packages, homemade cards, and posters bearing messages of hope and strength for the Israeli forces. Alongside members of the larger Boston Jewish community, Gann offered prayers for the safety and well-being of Israeli civilians and all those affected by the recent attacks.

Sabrina Strapp ’24 shared her thoughts on the significance of the send-off, emphasizing the importance of directly supporting the Israeli army by providing them with treats and letters. She embodied the mission of Gann Academy, which unites as a community to stand in support of all Jews who are grieving and fighting for Israel, echoing the sentiment that all Jews are responsible for one another.

Students at the airport were interviewed by local news stations. See their comments here.

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