Dear Friends,

To our families, donors, volunteers, ambassadors, teachers, administrators, and partners.

We can not thank you enough for your support of Gann Academy. So much of what is new and exciting about Gann this year is the direct result of your inspiring work; from our extraordinary new innovation space — packed with 3D printers and fabrication tools to ignite our students' creativity — to our new farm, literally budding with produce tied to the Jewish calendar and the land of Israel. Even our ability to attract our extraordinary new Head of School, Dr. Dalia Hochman, is testament to the academic excellence, the national reputation, the pedagogical innovation, and the strong financial footing you've helped establish.

Thank you again for everything you do to help Gann Academy achieve its mission of educating, inspiring, and empowering intellectually confident, passionately engaged, ethically responsible Jews who, through critical thinking and the contribution of their unique voices, will create a vibrant Jewish future and build a better world where human dignity will flourish.

Scott Cohen
President, Board of Trustees
  • 333 Forest Street
  • Waltham, MA 02452
  • P: 781.642.6800
  • F: 781.642.6805