Dear Friends,

In Jewish tradition, the notion of a Brit or covenant is one that is central to our tradition but an idea that might be harder to access for all students. This year, as part of Gann’s approach to keeping the school open during COVID-19, we asked our students to co-develop a Community Brit. The Brit required members of our community to agree to limiting certain individual behaviors for the sake of the health and welfare of the whole.
Some wondered if we would be able to keep a school full of teenagers open in person safely. However, our students adhered closely to the rules of our Brit, by masking, distancing, and refraining from out-of-school activities.
As a result of our community’s commitment to one another, I am proud to report that we were one of the few high schools in the state that was able to keep our doors open to our students full-time, continuously, with no interruption.
The Jewish tradition is replete with ideas that help provide meaningful frameworks and important values to our 21st century students. What makes Gann Academy so special is that we are able to make Judaism come alive by connecting beautiful and ancient ideas with their lived realities.
The stories in this annual report provide a glimpse into the countless ways our community turned the challenges of this past year into educational opportunities. I invite you in, to explore how students, faculty, parents, and supporters, came together in this most extraordinary of years. As we approach our 25th anniversary, I am pleased to report that our school is stronger than ever. And it is with tremendous gratitude to you—our donors—that we celebrate this important milestone and continue to plan for the future.
Dalia Hochman, Ph.D.
Head of School
August, 2021
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